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A CUbRIK search-based application for the Fashion Domain

We have launched  a survey to refine the initial requirements of the application (check the results)
 If you did not participate to the survey, do it now by going through our Questionnaire

This vertical search-based application is an example of market analyser tool for the Fashion Industry
 about the vision for applicability to Textile)

It is developed around sample use cases fors trend predictions after analysis of customer preferences on clothing items. The application is able to aggregate and to extract information about “what people like” and “what they want to purchase” by using crowdsourcers to annotate its reference knowledge base, a fashion image dataset, and by skimming explicit and implicit information from users' activity online (searches, game play, social networking). 
Read about the potential scenarios we have devised:

  • Margaret, the experienced retail buyer, who usually has a notion of consumer preferences but prefers to verify her own ideas before placing an order
  • Kate, the inexperienced retail buyer, who is looking for a more methodological approach to identifying trends but also wants to develop her ability to make intuitive decisions
  • John, the trendy product buyer



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