Events 2012, 16-26 April - CUbRIK at WWW2012
2012, 16-20 April   - WWW2012 in Lyon - France

The CUbRIK project participated to the 13th World Wide Web Conference (WWW2012), Lyon, France.

The paper describing the project Human Enhanced Time Aware Multimedia Search: the CUbRIK Project was presented during the session dedicated to the European projects (EuTrack S2 Search: on April 18) and a CUbRIK full research paper  of Politecnico di Milano was presented during the CrowdSourcing Session  about 

  • Answering Search Queries with CrowdSearcher by Alessandro Bozzon, Marco Brambilla, Stefano Ceri.

2012, 17 April - CrowdSearch 2012 Workshop in Lyon - France

A dedicated workshop was organised by Politecnico di Milano with Yahoo! Research Spain and University of Trento, hold in conjunction with WWW2012, as CrowdSearch 2012 (1st International Workshop on Crowdsourcing Web Search) on April 17, sponsored by CUbRIK and Se.Co Project .

This Workshop was targeted to enabling, promoting and understanding individual and social participation to search. It addressed important research questions, such as: How can search paradigms make use of social participation? Will keyword-based search seamlessly adapt to social search, or instead will new models of interaction emerge? Should social interaction be stimulated by curiosity, games, friendship or other incentives? Is there a crowdsearching etiquette to be used when engaging friend or expert communities?.. read more in the workshop preface

Call for Papers was promoted to gather research, industrial, experience, position and vision papers. During the workshop Politecnico di Milano representatives illustrated  research supported by CUbRIK activities about:

  • A Framework for Crowdsourced Multimedia Processing and Querying  by Alessandro Bozzon, Ilio Catallo, Eleonora Ciceri, Piero Fraternali, Davide Martinenghi, Marco Tagliasacchi 
  • Discovering user perceptions of semantic similarity in near-duplicate multimedia files   by R. Vliegendhart, M. Larson, and J. Pouwelse
  • A Model Driven Approach for Crowdsourcing Search by Alessandro Bozzon, Marco Brambilla, Andrea Mauri


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