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CUbRIK deliverables are released to the public domain.  You are welcome to post comments and discuss the content of these first batch of documents with the CUbRIK team. 

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Search-based application requirements and CUbRIK Demonstrators
Domains of practice Fashion and Humanities

Commercial and academic examples

CUbRIK Demonstrators First Release
The CUbRIK Platform
Architecture Metadata Representation Formats

Entity-based Repository
Search Processing Logic: Multimodal Content Analysis
Content Analysis Pipelines Components and Services
Content Analysis Pipelines Rel.2 Components and Services Rel.2
Search Processing Logic: Query Processing 
Query Processing Pipelines Query Processing Pipelines Rel.2
Search Processing Logic: Feedback Acquisition and Processing 
Relevance Feedback Pipelines  
Crowdsourcing and Gaming Techniques
Social search and aggregaton Incentive models and algorithms

GWAPs & implicit user information 
CUbRIK Releases
Delivery Plan Software engineering techniques

CUbRIK Platform First Release

CUbRIK Platform Release Update




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